Georgia Drewes

Position: Youth Director

Phone #: 316-734-8099


Years on BOD: 5 or 6

Years bowling: 21

    - Bud 18 Pack @ West Acres Bowl

Average: 198

Committees: Youth, Awards, Technology & Scholarship

Top 5 Bowling Accomplishments:
1. Inaugural Dexter USBC All-American
2. 2006 Mid-states Singles Champion
3. Competed 3 years at Junior Gold
4. Competed 3 years at the Intercollegiate Team Championships with Newman
5. 2005 High School State Bowling Champion - All Division

Something unique/unusual about you: I always forget to take my shoe cover off before bowling! I also make a great peacock call...

Craziest thing you have ever done: Married a Wichita State bowler...

Favorite Color: Green/Yellow

Favorite thing about the GPUSBC: Involvement in all our tournaments - TOP 24 ESPECIALLY!!!

USBC National Convention: never

City Tournament: 1 time (youth), 1 time (adult)

State Tournament: never as an adult, several times as a youth

USBC National Tournament: 3 years at Junior Gold as a youth

One thing you think the GPUSBC should focus on to help grow lifelong bowlers: YOUTH!!!