2012 USBC National Convention

Written by: Brent Bowers

          The 2012 USBC National Convention is in the books and it will be a memorable event for those GPUSBC Board members in attendance. This year the Great Plains Association sent 6 representatives: Jeanette Woolever (Association Manager), Donna Stark (Association President), Vivan Richards (Chair of Hall of Fame, Events & Legal/Legislative), Ginger Trepoy (Chair of Finance & Budget), Duane Ensign (Chair of Building & Lane Inspection) & Bob Mercer (Chair of Lane Inspection). I (Brent Bowers) went as an athletic delegate. Athlete delegates have all the same voting power as normal delegates and qualify to be athlete delegates based on former TEAM USA status or placement in USBC national tournaments.

If you're interested in workshop information or the PowerPoint presentations from the workshops at this years convention, click here!

For a full report directly from USBC on this years Convention, click here!

2012 USBC National Convention ‎(Arlington, Texas)‎